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We are studio Materia

The main activity of our studio is the creation of effective and progressive web products. Each project is a unique and exciting process for us, in which we will invest the maximum of ideas, experience and professionalism. Our accumulated knowledge and practices will allow us to implement any project you conceived. We do it beautifully, with love and inspiration!
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We create only the best
Web applications produced by us are among the best on the market in their segment.
Individual solutions
For each client, we provide an effective and individual strategy.
Reliability and responsibility
We competently estimate the timeline of the project development and do not disrupt them.
What we do
Corporate style
Corporate identity is a unique visual image of the company. Its creation includes: development of the company logo; definition of corporate color and typography; creation of the concept of advertising, corporate, souvenir or printed products.
UX/UI design
UX/UI is the design of the user interface and how this interface will interact with the user. This is a very important and integral stage of development for creating a responsive and easy-to-use web resource.
Web design
We create a unique, progressive and trendy design. We use only the best concepts and ideas to implement the most accurate and expressive design that will meet the specifics and direction of the project.
Web app development
When developing applications, we use only the best and modern technology. We carry out web application of any functionality and complexity with the best performance, code cleanliness and optimization.
SEO promotion
Search engine optimization and resource promotion is an effective method of attracting and popularization the brand among an active target audience. Our skills and experience in SEO will help to implement all the most effective search engine tools for your resource.
Marketing advertising
Successful advertising is a great way to claim your brand, product or service. We will make for you a creative and effective advertising campaign that will help to form the desired image, increase sales and the number of regular customers.
Development stages
The main stages of web project development

The scope of our services includes not only the visual and technical implementation of the project. We provide step-by-step guide to creating a successful web-based tool for your business.

At the begin, a very important thing of the development in any project is visual design and prototyping. The stage includes the development of a layout and a full view of the future project. At first you can see what the project will be like and what tasks it will perform. Creating a corporate identity and unique visual design will help emphasize the peculiarity of your brand. This is a very important and painstaking stage of work, because the visual component of any project is one of the most important factors and criteria for the future audience of your business.

A high-quality web application or online service should have excellent functionality, high performance and usability. At this stage it is necessary to devote a lot of time to the program part of the project. A well-thought-out interface and tested functionality will have a positive effect on your future users and clients in the future. Also, do not forget that your business and field of activity are tied to the audience to which you offer and sell your products and services. Therefore it is worth analyzing and taking into account the interests of the future audience with which you plan to work.

Materia Studio
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Our story
Materia Studio

Web Studio Materia currently occupies a due place in the field of the Internet industry. The history of our company began 5 years ago with a small web-studio in which the first projects were developed for both small and medium-sized businesses. With each new project we investigated and worked with various niches of business. Studying the structure of the sales and services market, we accumulated new knowledge and understanding of work in this area every day.

Today we have grown to a full-fledged digital studio. Vast experience and knowledge will allow us to realize any of your tasks or ideas into a well-structured project that will be profitable. The main task of our company is to provide the client with an individual business model for a specific area. Being our client means getting a ready-made solution and the maximum result from the task.

Our team
Materia Studio
Dmitry Niko
Project Manager
Materia Studio
Timur Mamedov
Sales and Marketing Manager
Materia Studio
Artem Egorov
Materia Studio
Sergey Demchenko
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65002, Ukraine, Odessa, Ekaterinenska st. 60
+380 (63) 047-64-40
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